We begin each project with a meeting to discuss the aims and objectives in order to achieve a realistic outcome within the constraints of your budget and market. It’s really important for us to understand your company’s core business model, as well as the untapped potential that we can help you exploit.

Initial Ideas

Once we have the feedback from the research, this is where we can start to define the brief and develop a clear idea of the routes we’ll take. This is the stage where you’ll see all the elements you’ve been itching to get your hands on, like mood boards, type style and colour options.


The creative team now starts work on different design options. From the initial seed of an idea, we’ll develop sketches into clear concepts that we’ll present back to you, ideally in person. This way we can review all of the options together and gather as much feedback as possible.


This is the part where we go through a series of iterations and tune up the brand designs based on all of your feedback, we want to make sure that the concept stays on track and meets your expectations.

Brand Guidelines

Once we have final design approval, work then begins on the development of your brand identity and guidelines - otherwise known as your brand bible. This is a comprehensive toolkit which covers everything from colour palettes to fonts to tone of voice.


And there you have it. Once finished, your branding and identity can then be applied to collateral across all mediums - whether it’s your business cards, letterheads, website, social media channels…the list really does go on. Find out how we can make your brand work extra hard online or in print.

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